Clan Warfare


Clan Warfare 2013

Let’s face it: it wouldn’t be Freshers’ (or Refreshers’ for that matter) without the rowdiest night of the semester. No, I’m not looking at you, Sinners (though I may be proved wrong on Wednesday night).

It is of course Clan Warfare, the favourite of Freshers’ Week, fondly remembered by all and affectionately known as the Tribal Bop. No matter how old you are, you will always feel that sense of loyalty to your hall – and that bubbling hatred towards your rivals – without any clue as to why. I went in with high expectations after the slightly disappointing Welcome to the Bubble, and was impressed.

I’ll start with the criticism. The queue to get in earlier in the evening was rather long, but in fairness did move fast. The Union was again dead outside before midnight, to the point of people walking in without having their IDs checked.

Once inside, I was greeted by a wall of drunk freshers chanting their hall names as if their lives depended on it. I was rather impressed with John Burnet Hall, who brought their own flagpole, but Uni Hall was having none of it and it was promptly pulled down.

Venue 1 was heaving with hall cliques and it was great to see the senior students getting involved too. Everyone seemed to be having fun and the rivalries were exacerbated in the spirit of the night. The challenges were fought hard, with each hall represented by a member in a high-vis jacket, but ultimately DRAFP stole the crown away from the previous victors, Uni Hall. Their precious prize was “100 bop bands and the glory of being Victors of Clan Warfare 2013”. Congratulations DRAFP, but now the real question is: can you keep the title at Refreshers’?

In case you missed it, and for reference for next time, the hall colours are as follows:

  • ABH: Red and blue
  • Albany: Purple and black
  • AMH: Blue and yellow
  • DRAFP: Black and white
  • John Burnet: Blue and green
  • McIntosh: Purple and navy
  • Regs: Red and black
  • Sallies: Maroon and silver
  • Uni Hall: Black and gold


Photos: Oli Walker for V&F Photography


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