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Sunder was Maia Krall Fry’s amazing submission to the 60 Hour Film Blitz in 2012, where film makers have just 60 hours to film and produce a short film. Needless to say it won the best blockbuster film award as well as the audience choice award. Sunder was mostly shot on West Sands, the large beach north-west of the main town otherwise famous for Chariots of Fire.

I Charleston St Andrews

This is the St Andrews swing dance society’s I Charleston video, a compilation of shots from all around St Andrews (as well as some pretty awesome dancing).


A slightly more light-hearted Film Blitz short from 2013, also a winner of the audience choice award.

You Get What You Give

A YouTube video from 2010 with some rather convincing lip dubbing (or just a really good excuse for a tour of St Salvator’s quad).

Royal Romance

Probably the most watched video ever produced by St Andrews students. Released during the hype of Will and Kate’s wedding, it was featured on the BBC and other news outlets. Since then The Other Guys have had several big hits including St Andrews Girls and Christmas Gets Worse Every Year, the latter of which was played on several radio stations, retweeted by Stephen Fry and rose to 32 in the Scottish charts.

Gaudie & May Dip 2013

The Gaudie is a beautiful torchlight procession along the St Andrews harbour pier. After this the majority of students then forgo sleep, choosing instead to get drunk, wait until dawn and run into the North Sea for the May Dip. Together these two events sum up the quirkiness of St Andrews, where history is equally happy to be followed by shear madness (usually aided by alcohol). Why not also look at The Saint‘s Gaudie and May Dip photo albums from last year.

Chloe Hill presidential election video

As freshers you’ll soon discover the important role of the Students’ Association in your day-to-day life. The Association president for 2013-14 is Chloe Hill, who stood on a wide-ranging manifesto, detailed in the video above.


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