Freshers’ weekend line-up announced


The Saint has been let in on some privy information regarding Freshers’ 2013, and we are so excited to share the news! All of those who’ve just heard about acceptances, congratulations! Whether you’re a first year or a final year, we hope you’re as excited for the start of term as we are!

With an overhaul of events by Daniel Palmer, your Director of Events and Services, this year’s Freshers’ Week line-up is set to be the best yet! A record 11 events will be put on by the Union, including the collaboration with FS 2014 to bring back STARFIELDS.

In case music festivals aren’t your thing, a brand new “monthly cheese night” is being launched in Venue 1 on the same evening. The event will be known as Rewind and is for all of you who secretly – or not so secretly – give into your whims of cheesy music while studying or go crazy upon hearing some old school Britney Spears or fill-in-the-name boy band classics.

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The Freshers’ Rewind on Saturday 14 September will feature S Club Party, with Bradley and Paul from S Club. They will be performing some of their all-time classics and greatest hits. Daniel Palmer is encouraging students to: “Relive the good times as you hammer out the dance routine to ‘Reach'”. Rewind will set you back £8, but come on – it’s S Club. However, if you choose to purchase a Freshers’ Pass, the night will be free of charge! Well, except for the many drinks you’re sure to consume…

On Fridays, The Bop is set to leave behind the traditional branding of “cheesy pop music” in favor of the top chart hits. This year, the second Friday of Freshers’ week (13 September) will see the newly re-branded Bop’s launch night with 3,000 balloons descending on the crowd. The Bop will be £6 (or free with a Freshers’ Pass) and is a sell out every year, so make sure you get your tickets early!

Photo credit: YourUnion

Looking forward,  Palmer has said the ‘new-look Saturday night’ will ensure varied, dynamic events cycling through Rewind, club concepts such as the Silent Disco (21 September), live music and the introduction of Unitrash, by Ministry of Sound: “DJs from the Ministry will be visiting St Andrews every month, bringing the very best to the bubble as part of one of the biggest student nights in the country.”

For more news on Freshers’ Week events, visit the YourFreshers Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. Additionally, for all information on Freshers’ Week, arriving in St Andrews, and what you need to know, visit The Saint’s own Freshers’ hub.


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