Teams set off on Papal Bull cycle relay to celebrate 600th anniversary



The 600th anniversary cycle relay, which follows a similar route to the Papal Bull that granted university status to St Andrews, has begun in Spain.

Celebrations for the University of St Andrews 600th anniversary have stretched across the last three years to mark the period of time between the establishment of the University by a group of academics in 1410 and the granting of University status by the Pope in 1413. February 13 2013 marked 600 years since Henry Ogilvy returned to St Andrews with the six Papal Bulls granted by Avignon Pope Benedict XII.

Six teams of ten individuals, made up of students, staff, members of the local community and other people linked to the University, plan to cycle a route of over 2000 miles from Peñiscola in Spain to St Andrews, similar to the one taken 600 years ago by Henry Ogilvy.

A number of historical experts from the University investigated the most likely route that Ogilvy would have taken and adapted it slightly to ensure it was suitable for the cyclists. For this reason, the teams will follow Ogilvy’s outward journey in reverse, with the final leg finishing in St Andrews in time for the 600th celebration events during Orientation week. The relay teams will travel through Spain, France and the UK over the next six weeks.

The teams will also visit a number of landmarks with historical connections to the University of St Andrews and it’s establishment as a University, including at Avignon, Paris, London and the University of Cambridge.

Teams are made up of students and staff from across the University including the University Principal Professor Lousise Richardson and former Students’ Association president Freddie Fforde.

You can follow the progress of the relay via their blog



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