Marathon Man: Chafing hard


This week’s ‘training’ has awakened me to problem I have never (worked hard enough to) suffer from before: injury. Following an intense ramping-up of my jogging schedule I have managed to spur myself on to run almost 10k every day. Whilst this is great in some respects it has been rather unkind to my knees, forcing me to wear knee supports in order to allow me to ‘jog on.’  The two I have managed to scramble together have made me aware of my ignorance of fashion in the world of jogging.

Previously I had always assumed that, within limits, what you wear whilst jogging is irrelevant.  After all, surely people can’t judge you if you are pushing your body to the max like some sweaty God? Apparently not. ‘Friends’ wasted little time in mocking the running outfit I thought I was rocking. On a standard jog it consists of one bright red and one bright blue knee support mixed with an un-official Charlton Athletic FC t-shirt and trainers with bright green laces. Now I know this is hardly ‘haute couture’ but still, in my eyes I couldn’t care less what clothing is there to absorb my blood, sweat, and tears. What do the people of the world think? (Answers in 140 characters or less – use the hashtag #fashionmarathon. Ed) Taking a leisurely scroll through the internet surrounds one with a dizzying mess of seemingly unnecessary and overpriced running specific clothing. Or maybe I am making excuses for the inadmissible style I possess as a poor student trying to exercise…Nevertheless I suggest that people of the Internet Google Boris Johnson’s running outfit before making any judgement on the fashion choices of any runner – myself included!

I have also a discovered that far more embarrassing health risks lies in wait than the knee. One that stems from the chest area. I am talking of course about nipple-chafing. I’m not saying this to sound flippant, but to warn future long distance runners of a deeply serious (and painful) issue.

I was attempting a record 20k run a few days ago and went out entirely unprepared for the dangers that awaited my chest area. All was going great until about the 15km mark when, like some master assassin, a chafing pain gripped my chest soon becoming almost unbearable. The only thing to distract me at that my point was a combination of my IPod playlist and rather high levels of fatigue. To make matters worse the symbol on my Charlton shirt was ideally placed to cause maximum chafe pain to a certain area of my chest. Let’s just say at that moment in time I felt perhaps a little too close to my beloved South-East London football club…

As such I’d love to know the weirdest/most embarrassing sports injuries you’ve ever had. Don’t be shy!

Traditionally I rock, but the chafing – it’s not cool. Hey Bobby, what’s the French for “more vaseline please”!


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