Editorial: Issue 171


The Saint is back in paper form, and is better than ever. Now I’m going to give you some justification for that there statement.

One, we’re steadily improving how the paper looks. More varied layouts, more links to online content… it just looks more professional. Of course it’s a continuous process, so we’re by no means where we ultimately want to be. Our ambition hasn’t been quenched yet, just you wait.

That ambition to get better and keep up with the changes in the way media works has been reflected in what we have affectionately termed our ‘Elections hub’. The Saint has covered the Students’ Association and Athletic Union in some depth in years gone past, but not like this.

Vigorous interviews with Sabb candidates, plus analysis of manifestos, election-themed polls, guides to the positions being contested and a review of the 2012-13 Sabbs… it’s all at thesaint-online.com/elections.

And, as they should be, website and paper are hand-in-hand for our elections coverage. We have for the first time produced a pull-out guide to the elections – how they work, who’s running and who’s said what. With voting starting today, we hope that it will act as an informative friend for the next couple of days. It is, though, just scratching the surface of our elections coverage and much more detailed articles are online.

You know elections are happening, of course you do, and so – although we have given them substantial coverage – we’ve tried to provide balance.

Our News Editor Jonathan Bucks has spent rather more of his recent life than he would like to admit putting together his articles on Alistair Moffat and the scientific storm surrounding him. I’ll leave the explanation to Jonathan – he is the man in the know – but I can assure you it’s all well worth a read.

Features Editor Caitlin Hamilton, not to be outdone, has gone and got herself an exclusive interview with Sir Sean Connery, the original James Bond. I enjoyed Skyfall – the film and the song both – but Connery remains the man who defined the genre.

And as Caitlin discovered, he retains his good humour and appreciation of his Scottish roots. St Andrews is clearly dear to him – hence his involvement in Ever to Excel (a juicy announcement on that front is in Caitlin’s interview with filmmaker Murray Grigor, which is adjacent to her piece on Connery).

The Saint, as I keep pointing out, is increasingly aiming for print-web balance, so check out the online Features section for Bond-related pieces that accompany the Connery interview.

There we go. A Saint to treasure. I haven’t even mentioned the match reports from what was possibly Saints Sport’s greatest day in the BUCS leagues in – you guessed it – the Sport section, as well as some terrific articles in Money, Viewpoint and Arts & Culture (plus some stunning photos from DONT WALK). It’s all ahead of you.

Do vote – just make sure you read The Saint first.


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