The Saint’s guide to SSC positions

Student elections are right around the corner here in St Andrews, and a lot of positions are up for grabs . Below, current Union officers from the Student Services Committee (SSC) give some insight into their posts (NB: the Head of Ents and Design Officer are not chosen at this point).




Current Position Holder: Kelsey Gold

Position Description: The SSC Charities Officer (also known as the Charities Campaign Convenor) has the privilege of overseeing a fantastic Committee and a very successful year! My role is very varied and revolves around overseeing the overall development of the Charities Campaign. Every week I plan and chair both the Charities Campaign’s public and executive meetings. As well as this I attend the SSC meetings every fortnight. It’s not all meetings though! I’m also in charge of overseeing the Campaign’s subcommittees (such as Race2 and RAG Week) and supporting the Committee, which consists of over 30 members. On a wider scale, I represent the charitable community of St Andrews at public events.

Favourite Part of the Position: This year I was lucky enough to represent everyone at The Lord Mayor’s Show in London!

Advice to Potential Candidates: I would really encourage anyone who has an interest in fundraising to get involved in the Charities Campaign. I have learned so much and have the best friends (and memories!) I could ask for. Best of luck to the next SSC Charities Officer – you are in for an amazing year!

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Current Position Holder: Alex Holroyd

Position Description: The University Debating society is the oldest debating society of its kind in the world!  With its fine reputation, the debates often draw in key speakers from far and wide.  The role of the debating President requires forward planning and innovation – captivating speakers and topics for debate must be constantly acquired!

Advice to Potential Candidates: With a small budget to work from, ingenuity and entrepreneurship would be handy!

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Current Position Holder: Cameron Kirby

Position Description: My main job as SSC Performing Arts Officers is to be President of Mermaids Performing Arts Fund, one of the subcommittees of the Association. Mermaids funds and supports 30-40 shows a year, as well as Christmas Ball, the biggest annual Union event, so a large part of the job is supporting the Mermaids Committee and the shows in handling day-to-day logistics. This can include anything from helping our Social Convener with ball planning, to planning ticketing with On The Rocks, to sorting out bank accounts with the cash office, so it’s a really varied role and one that never really stops at any point. On SSC I represent the views of the performing art community.

Advice to Potential Candidates: I’d advise any potential candidates to be prepared to give up all other commitments – including their degree – as it’s a hugely time consuming role and leaves almost no time for anything else.

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Current Position Holder: Kirsty Strang

Position Description: As Music Officer, my role in the SSC is to facilitate communication between Music is Love, the Union’s music subcommittee, and the rest of the events and services committee. Music is Love puts on great professional gigs and supports students wishing to make music or collaborate with us on other events. All of this gets filtered back to the SSC so we continue to get monetary support and help to run as many events as possible in communication with the Director of Events and Services and the hardworking Ents team.

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Current Position Holder: Kate Reid

Position Description: The SSC Broadcasting Officer is better known the Station Manager of STAR: St Andrews Radio. This means responsibility for one of the biggest and brightest student communities, which showcases 90 live shows. It also means responsibility to the entire student body; to share great new music, informative news articles and entertaining programming.

Advice to Potential Candidates: The Broadcasting Officer must value every member of the team and remember a lot of names! Most importantly, they need to offer students a media platform to imagine and realise their own goals.

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Re Pictures


Current Position Holder: Maia Krall Fry

Position Description: As President of Rè Pictures and SSC Film Officer, your job is to encourage and promote the interest of the St Andrews community in filmmaking through funding, provision of equipment, expertise and screening opportunities. You oversee workshops, the annual Half Cut Film Festival and communication between film outlets and outputs in town, including the 60 Hour Film Blitz and the other sub-committees.

Favourite part of position: Getting to work with a vast group of passionate, creative, and technical people of all abilities. Seeing projects through to completion is brilliant!

Advice to potential candidates: You must have a broad interest in film production, from the creativity of  experimental shorts, to the technicalities of producing a feature length international documentary.

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Current Position Holder: Mark Hamid

Position Description: The SSC Societies Officer is the chairman of the SSC Societies Committee, having responsibility for running the Committee and developing its policies. The Societies Committee is the subcommittee of the Students’ Association which is responsible for improving the student experience through affiliated societies. The Association is a charity, so in order to offer these services (which include funding, insurance, free room bookings, etc) the Committee has to make sure that societies are run responsibly. Key duties of the Societies Officer include administering the affiliation process and ensuring that everyone complies with charities law.

Advice to Potential Candidates: My advice to potential candidates would be to have a passion for student activities in St Andrews together with a high tolerance of red tape and administration: it will be your job to strike the balance between making sure that the Association supports societies in a responsible manner while at the same time allowing them to devote the bulk of their time and enthusiasm towards doing what they love.

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Current Position Holder: Shelley Talbot

Position Description: I oversee the St Andrews Voluntary Service; we have around 200 volunteers at around 40 local charities in St Andrews and North East Fife area. We also run some of our own befriending projects with local people in the community.  See for more information.

Favourite Part of the Position: It’s a great position because you learn a lot about running a charity and meet lots of different people in the community.

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Current Position Holder: Gaz Munro

Position Description: The Member for Societies Grants is responsible for all the financial elements of societies (training will be provided). You will work with the staff in the Union Cash Office, managing budgets and giving training sessions to make sure the societies are provided with their fair portion of the budget and also operate in a fiscally responsible manner.

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Current Position Holder: Keith Cordrey

Position Description: Basically you are in charge of making sure every society has democratic elections and a working constitution that will help the society be well governed long into the future.

Advice to Potential Candidates: You need to be good at reading documents and finding clashes, and introducing yourself to the huge number of society presidents/secretaries, etc that you will meet. Delegation is also a must if you want to have anything resembling free time in April.

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Current Position Holder: Henry Hayes

Position Description: The Member without Portfolio is tasked with helping other members of the SSC with their campaigns and projects, thus allowing you to be flexible and to learn about how the Union works. Alongside the Association Chair, you are also responsible for arranging SRC and SSC socials.

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