RAG Week Ceilidh


RAG Week continued with a very Scottish evening to welcome old faces and new JSA’s back to the Bubble. The event started around fifteen minutes late, but kicked off with the Gay Gordons. As couples twirled (elegantly in some cases, not so elegantly in others) around Venue 1, it was clear that some were entirely lost whilst others were experts. Everyone seemed to pick up the steps fairly fast or at least better than I did at my first ceilidh. Actually, who are we kidding, I still can’t do any of the steps right!

Surprisingly for St Andrews, there was a near even gender split, but as to be expected, there were a few more girls than guys. Sadly I only spotted two kilts present, but some did attempt tartan-esque scarves and shirts.

The second dance was the Dashing White Sergeant, during which the dancers were warned of the risk of decapitation. I think some took this threat more seriously than others, as this dance was performed more hesitantly to start with. However, as more people arrived the pace became faster, and the improvisations got more creative!

Surely the most famous dance has to be Strip the Willow, so the Orcadian version was an excellent choice to continue with and to introduce those less familiar to being thrown/twirled down a long line of people.

The nine piece band were on top form, with the dances being called by third year student Erica Innes. In my opinion, the difference between a good ceilidh and a great one is when both the band and participants are enjoying themselves, and this was a perfect example. “It’s so refreshing to see everyone getting up and dancing,” said Innes, as I caught up with her during the break. “We’re going to continue with a few more dances; some traditional, others not so much.” I can fully testify to this, as last year’s RAG ceilidh involved the Macarena and Saturday Night.

Goodies such as Tunnock’s Tea Cakes, Wafers and shortbread were placed strategically around Venue 1 and were a nice touch to round off the evening. I remain convinced that this annual ceilidh is one of the best in St Andrews!

Check out The Saint‘s photos of the ceilidh here.


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