Itchy Feet


This past Tuesday night, Itchy Feet, the travelling 1950’s themed party, made its much-hyped return to The Union.

It was a night of rock & roll and swing era songs to which you found yourself surprised at vaguely knowing the lyrics, rounding up a sizeable crowd of pretty excited and slightly sloshed students ready to twist themselves into stitches. Despite some misplaced reggae interludes, the music kept up a great energy throughout the event, as the DJs also made sure to throw in some modern day, retro remixes.

As always with a theme event, there was the added pressure of pulling together the perfect decade appropriate outfit.  Most girls opted for the 50’s staple of the vintage-y full, A-line skirt or dress. And apparently for boys, the 1950’s were as simple as a white tucked in button down, with those more adventurous finishing off their looks with pairs of suspenders or fun bow ties.

All in all, the general consensus seems to be that as a whole, the idea and concept of the event were great. However, I can’t help but think the fact that it was held at The Union probably held back the night from living up to its potential. Perhaps if it had been held in a different venue, in a more independent and less characterized space than The Union we all love to love, the night would have been more successful in sustaining its thematic atmosphere. At moments, it felt as if all that separated the event from completely feeling like a high school dance were the side bar and the old black and white dance sequences being projected on screens above the dance floor.

Either way though, the evening appeared to end for many in the oh so familiar pilgrimage to Dervish, so really, how could it not have been a good night?

Photo Credit: Maria Faciolince



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