Weekend round-up


Friday kicks off what looks to be a hectic weekend of balls, concerts and general Bubble merriment, so here’s where we’ll be heading to make the most of it…

The guys over at the G&S Soc have been promoting their next opera, “The Gondoliers”. Ticket sales have started, G&S hoodies have been donned, profile pictures have been changed and a sneak peek has been organised! A free recital on Friday over lunch will whet your appetite for what looks to be a very exciting performance.

Themed ‘Carnival’, black tie and ball gowns form the dress code of the DRAFP Ball. There’s not much more for me to say on this one really, but I’ll just remind you that Janettas will be present – so you should be too!

The Chinese Hongpao Society will be hoping for good weather on Saturday when they’re hosting a Spring Market in Church Square. The first of its kind, and in conjunction with the Fife Culture Group, this family- and children-friendly event has been described as “a Christmas market, but with a Chinese Festival twist.”

Last but not least, I caught up with TOG’s Matthew Pattie today about the Voice Festival. Whilst not wanting to give too much away, he explained the basic structure of the evening; each group gets twelve minutes on-stage to do with as they please. In the case of TOG, it’ll be three songs, while the Hummingbirds look set to perform some Taylor Swift.

“There may or may not be dancing. There may or may not be an original song. And there may or may not be dubious costumes.” The words “tight denim” were also mentioned. So we’ll see you at Younger Hall then?

For more details on all these events, see the Events page.


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