James McMahon’s resignation letter from AU Exec

Saints Sport
Dear All,
It is with regret that I tender my resignation from the post of Web Officer, on the Athletic Union Executive Committee with immediate effect. Whilst I have enjoyed working with the previous and current Exec and wish them all the best, I feel I cannot be a part of the proposed changes to the structure and election of the Exec.

I am wholly opposed to the de-democratisation of the AU Exec. I believe that as this change is so large and fundamental, the current Exec has no mandate to make such radical choice.  Although the current system can be prone to bias and ‘popularity’, I firmly believe that removing elections is the wrong move.
To a lesser extent, I am against offering payment to future Exec committees, and completely disagree with the idea that offering money will attract people more suited to the positions.
I strongly encourage anyone with views for or against the proposals to contact the AU Exec through Emily at president@saints-sport.com
James McMahon


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