Students’ Association plans to launch new website


The Students’ Association intends to launch a redeveloped website this summer with Membership Solutions Limited (MSL), The Saint has learned.

The current website, which is developed and maintained by BAM, has been criticised for being hard to navigate and use, and the complicated process for adding or editing information has led many student societies to set up their own external websites instead.

Meg Platt, the Director of Student Development and Activities, campaigned on the promise of improving the website. She told The Saint in October: “I think what is really frustrating about the website isn’t just the layout but it’s how complicated it is to change anything. My bottom line is that I want something societies can use, whether it’s selling tickets, promoting events, it has be something that is flexible for them.”

The Association’s contract with BAM was initially for five years and covers the website and all of the Union’s marketing. However, the two parties have agreed to end the contract this May – one year early – because BAM is moving out of the website business. The Association then intends to sign a two-year contract with MSL.

MSL is a spin-off company from the University of Warwick Students’ Union and has been operating for eight years. The company currently manages websites for over 40 student associations, including Oxford and Edinburgh.


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