St Andrews’ Union bar is Best Bar None

Left to Right: Susan Anderson, Sandy MacKenzie and Susan McCulloch

Health and safety are not always associated with alcoholic drink, but proudly on display at the St Andrews Students’ Association bar is an award for the highest standards in that field.

The Union bar won a Silver Best Bar None award earlier this month in recognition for it being a “safe and well-managed licensed venue”. Bar Manager Sandy MacKenzie and his team were presented with a certificate and plaque, which are on display in the union.

Students’ Association President, Freddie Fforde, told The Saint: “I’m delighted that the hard work of our staff has been recognised with the Best Bar None award.

“Everything from pouring a pint to the safety of service is analysed and we are consistently recognised by the industry for our high professional standards.

“Special thanks must go to the Bars Manager Sandy Mackenzie and his team who work hard to provide this service, both in the Union and in our provision to external events too.

“And remember, all of the money you spend at the union is reinvested in to our student spend!”

Scottish Co-ordinator for Best Bar One Ashley Kellock said the award was “a brilliant result for the Students Association and for the University”.

“It means that students and visitors can be assured of a warm welcome and a safe night out if they choose this award winning venue,” he added.

Best Bar None says it aims at “promoting responsible management and operation of licensed premises in Scotland”, with projects such as a “Safety Awareness Scheme for Freshers’ Week”. It is supported by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Business Crime Centre.

The Central pub on Market Street is currently the only other St Andrews establishment recognised by Best Bar None.


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