Your600th Human Coat of Arms: what and how?

Photo: Supplied
St Salvator's Quad

Photo: Supplied

St Salvator’s Quad will be the setting for one of the most spectacular events of the University’s 600th Anniversary celebrations, the Human Court of Arms.

The Chinese Hongpao Society, with support from the Students’ Association, have been hard at work organising this event, with students and staff invited to help form the University crest on Wednesday 31 October.

The Saint spoke to Wayne Chang Shi of the Chinese Hongpao Society to find out more.

He set up the society (Hongpao means ‘red gown’ in Chinese) two years ago to promote the integration of Chinese students into the St Andrews community, and showcase Chinese culture and language, for example in the Year of the Dragon Flashmob last February.

The idea and organisation for the Human Coat of Arms has come from the Society, although they are grateful for the help received from the Students’ Association and Association President Freddie Fforde in particular.

Participants will be assigned a place and colour, in order to form the University logo. A photo will be taken from St Salvator’s tower and all those involved will receive a free A5 print copy of that photo.

Already there are 800 sign-ups, but the Society wants to fill the lawn so are looking for even more people – staff and students, both Undergraduate and Postgraduate – to get involved.

There will be a rehearsal on Wednesday 24 October, before the event itself one week later. Participants would ideally be able to come to both (for two hours in the afternoon), although attendance at the rehearsal is not mandatory.

The deadline for signing up is this Sunday (21 October) at midnight. How to sign up? Click here. Easy.

The hope is that the event will be a legacy for the University and Students’ Association, as well as for students to look back, point at the photo and say, ‘I was part of that’.

For more information on the Chinese Hongpao Society and the Human Coat of Arms, have a look at the event page here.


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