The Student Vegan: The Graze Box


Whether it’s an unexpected care package from home or the result of some therapeutic online shopping done while slightly intoxicated, everyone loves getting mail. There’s something that makes trudging to lectures better knowing there’s an unopened parcel awaiting your return.

 Which explains why I’m currently obsessed with the graze box.

 For those of you who don’t know, is an online company that, according to their website, “sends nutritious nibbles to snack on by post.”

 Basically, you go on to their website, set up an account, and browse through the snacks, rating the ones you would like to try and binning the ones you never want to receive. You even have the option of binning all foods that are non-vegan, non-coeliac, or contain nuts. The snacks range from popcorn to gourmet trail mixes and even baked breads and marinated olives. While you can set it up so that you know exactly what is coming in your box, half the fun is allowing for random packaging so you get a surprise when the box arrives.

 You pay per box, so you don’t feel like you are signing your life away for a series of weeks or months. Ambitious eaters can order as many as six boxes a week, but you can order as little as one. Or, you could have a box delivered each fortnight—the decision is entirely up to you. (And let’s face it: university life is quite devoid of decisions, so even the little things tend to be wildly exciting.) Each box is £3.89, but if you get a special promotion from a friend, your first and fifth boxes are free. And friends, I have a special promotion code: PN756FZ.

 You’re welcome.

I realize paying nearly £4 seems a bit steep, but if you factor in how much you spend on snacks at Tesco or Starbucks or whatever, it’s actually a bit the same. (And far more fun, if you ask me.)

 Each box contains four snacks, carefully selected based off of the ratings you’ve made on the website.

 My first box looked like this:

 In it, I found an “herby bread basket” with basil baguettes, garlic crotons, and oregano crackers, a “jaffa cake” inspired trail mix consisting of Belgian dark chocolate medallions, orange sultanas, and roasted hazelnuts, a “rustic marble bread” made with smoked paprika, garlic, and thyme, and three “orange and ginger flapjacks”. Not too shabby, eh? Each snack came in its own sealed container, so they were easy to throw in my backpack and eat between lectures. True, the portion size wasn’t big, but it is a snack, not a meal. (Although I have a tendency to blur the two together.)

 After sampling the box, I logged onto graze and rated the snacks so the company can continue to perfect my preferences in subsequent boxes.

 My next one is coming Thursday, and I can’t wait.

 My conclusion? The snacks, while small, are yummy and gourmet, and definitely beat a bag of crisps from Tesco. Plus, it’s fun anticipating the package coming in the mail, not to mention wondering what snacks are going to be in the box.

 Even if you aren’t vegan, the graze box is worth trying.

 So go forth my friends. And graze.



    • Actually, instead of choosing to get a dollar of your box, you can choose to donate a dollar to the graze school of farming in Uganda!

  1. Graze boxes are not Vegan or Coeliac suitable. All their ingredients are prepared next to the wheat and fish. You should research where your food comes from.


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