“Kum” Dine with Me


So, here’s a little about me. I’m Natalie, and I love to cook. If I had a slower metabolism, I would be huge. When there’s a chill in the air, and you’ve friends galore, cooking and hosting is definitely a fun way to spend an evening or two. As many of you have already experienced, St Andrews offers an unlikely scene for the stereotypical student, and that’s the dinner party circuit.

Photo credit: Natalie Kumeta

Whether it’s haute cuisine, ‘pot luck’, Thanksgiving, or Sunday roasts, there are almost too many occasions to procrastinate away your time enjoying food: and I’m guilty. If I am not currently in the act of feeding someone, I’m usually thinking about what concoction I will next inflict on my nearest and dearest. My gastronomic experiences have ranged from Michelin starred restaurants to shamelessly stuffing cake into ma bouche. In writing this blog I hope that I can offer you some recipes, menus, dinner party stories, flickers of inspiration for those last minute suppers, and hopefully some pretty pictures of food served on the side.

So, invite the people who make you laugh, the people you love, the people you think can stand your culinary experiments, and mix them all together with some good wine. Depending on how poor your first attempts are, you can increase the quantity of wine accordingly. Cheers to the future you, the perfect host!


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