Dress rehearsal for human coat of arms

Photo: Caitlin Hamilton

On Wednesday 24 October, the Chinese Hongpao Society organised the dress rehearsal of the Human Coat of Arms in aid of the University’s 600th Anniversary.

Hundreds of student volunteers arrived into St Salvador’s Quad dressed in their allocated colour scheme, and were placed into measured sections on the Quadrangle.  Alongside the intricate portrayal of the University’s Shield – which boasts the silver crescent of Pope Benedict XIII, the golden Maskells of Bishop Wardlaw, the lion rampant of James I, and the open book of learning – are the anniversary dates of 1413-2013.

The rehearsal afternoon allowed for last minute changes to be made to the design of the shield, and for the official photographer – located at the top of St Salvator’s clock tower – to take some primary photographs.

Unfortunately, many of the volunteers who had confirmed their place, failed to attend the rehearsal, leaving much of the shield without content.  The Chinese Hongpao Society remained upbeat and excited about the prospect of next week’s final photograph, however, and urged those present to encourage their friends to turn up.

Fourth year international student, Sophie Goggins, said that the event provided a “great experience to be a small part of the University’s 600 years”, while final year, Ronald Guthrie, added his nostalgic thoughts, saying: “it felt great that after four years of having my great-grandfather’s red gown, I was able to wear it in a photograph that will be seen by everyone in years to come.”

Supported by the Students’ Association, this event will provide students with the opportunity to be a part of the University’s milestone birthday.  All participants will be provided with an A5 photograph of the human coat of arms, courtesy of the University.

The final photograph will take place on Wednesday 31st October, between 1.30-3.30pm in St. Salvador’s Quad.

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