CAPOD launches Professional Skills Curriculum


So, what is the Professional Skills Curriculum (PSC)?

The PSC consists of 19 skills topics in areas employers find really useful: How to manage a team, leadership, project management, chairing meetings, effective communication and many, many more. Every week a new topic is released, either in the format of an online workshop or an evening lecture. All students are encouraged to engage with the PSC, dipping in and out of the programme to build their knowledge in key professional skills. Students who complete 8 or more topics (and a short reflective essay) over the year will be awarded a Certificate in Professional Skills.

Who runs the PSC and how did it go last year?

It’s been hugely exciting working the Students’ Association to make this initiative happen. We had over 180 students take part last year, with 44 achieving certificates, and this year the PSC is bigger and better than ever. A team of dedicated students worked hard during last year to help create the online workshops
that we will be releasing this time around to give everyone a more flexible way to take part in the PSC. Feedback from students who took part last year included that their understanding of professional skills increased, and that they felt they had an advantage when it came to talking about these skills in job applications,
interviews and assessment centres.

Excellent – so it’s fair to say that the sessions made a real impact for students last year?

Absolutely, with the current average of around 70 applicants for every graduate role, employers can afford to be choosy over whom they recruit. It’s more important than ever that you leave University with solid professional skills and a good awareness of the job market, in order to stand out from the crowd and enhance your employability – and last years students really seemed to set themselves up to win in that sense.

Fantastic, so – how do students get involved and enhance their skills?

You can join the PSC at any point during the year, and there are four ways to get involved:

  1. Check out the PSC webpage and come along to an evening lecture
  2. Sign up to the Moodle course to take part in the online workshops (the link for this can be found on the PSC webpage)
  3. Like the PSC on Facebook
  4. Drop an email to Cat Wilson (cmw9) and asked to be added to the PSC mailing list for weekly updates.


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