Bubble Bath: a comedy panel show – review


Bubble Bath

Venue 1, Oct 18

* * * *

On Thursday evening, the Union presented a comedy panel which showcased St Andrews’ own comedic talent. Everything about the show was relevant to any St Andrews student, as implied by the title of the gig: Bubble Bath. Held in Venue One, the seats were packed and the audience was immersed in what makes life in the Bubble simultaneously charming, exasperating and hilarious.

The show opened with a short video to introduce the participants. Team one consisted of Amanda Litherland, the current Director of Representation and a member of the St Andrews Revue; Matt Gibson, a standup comedian; and, Baxter Gaston, a member of Blind Mirth. Team two consisted of Olly Lennard, another member of St Andrews Revue and a student award winning comedian; Matthew Knapp, also a member of Blind Mirth; and Callum Hawley, who claimed in his introduction that he is ‘not actually that funny’, but consistently made the audience laugh uproariously nonetheless.

The event was structured like a celebrity panel game and broken up into a brilliant first act, a brief intermission in which I had one drink – and the panellists may or may not have had several- and a second act in which the jokes only improved. The host, Leon O’Rourke was as charming as the panellists themselves smoothly transitioning participants between the games.

The highlight of Act One was the stand-up competition. Although the game was scored very loosely (and by loosely I mean not at all), the clear winner for me was Olly Lennard of the St Andrews Revue who read passages from the erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey with the delightfully deadpan delivery of a documentary host.

Act Two opened with: So You Think You Can Mime, in which two panellists were given news stories to mime for their team. Regardless of the convoluted nature of their stories, they were performed seamlessly. During the intermission, the audience had been given the prompt, Scenes You Would Like to See and invited to write down ideas. This lead to such side-splitting scenes as ‘lines you’d never hear in a Disney movie’, and ‘things a lecturer would never say’.

Overall, the jokes were funny, the participants were witty, and the evening was a brilliant sampling of the comedic talents St Andrews has to offer.


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