The Saint at Freshers’ Week: The Bop


When I keenly volunteered to go to the bop and write an article, most people thought I was joking. The Bop is St Andrews’ finest tradition, playing the ultimate cheesy tunes we all secretly love to dance to.  There is nothing quite like it; where else could you usually hear Stacey’s Mom followed by Busted, rounded off with some of Steps’ classics?  Well – maybe the Lizard on a bad night – but at least The Bop allows you room to breathe.

Admittedly, for the majority of students, its appeal is short-lived since the playlist does not change. They like to pretend it does by changing the order of songs, but as part of a team of regulars, I know their tricks, or so I thought.  I had a sweepstake in the flat as to which would be the last song of the night.  The choices were obvious to us: Call Me Maybe, Mr Brightside or One Direction. We were, in fact, all wrong, and it was Fun’s We Are Young, which, as Stuart, a third year English Student said, ‘went down surprisingly well with Freshers and old timers alike.’

The quality of song choices wasn’t consistent though, and from about 12.30-1.30 numbers did deplete at the uncharacteristic music; at one point Skrillex was playing, which was bizarre.  This was unfortunate after what had been a full and lively bop around midnight, when they released hundreds of coloured balloons from the ceiling which did look quite impressive. The music picked up again for the last half hour, and the penultimate song was the true gem of the night – The Other Guys’ St Andrews Girls.

It was the perfect song to welcome in the Freshers, and also fuel excitement for their performance at our launch event taking place next week; The New Saint at The Old Course. If you haven’t got your ticket yet then there is still time, so come and find us in The Saint’s office in the recycling centre, opposite the Career’s Centre.  In the mean time, I would suggest learning the lyrics of St Andrews Girls, since most of us found we only knew the line “hunter boots and Barbours on top”.


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