The Saint at Freshers’ Week: Kissy Sell Out


When it gets to the fifth night of Freshers’ Week it can be hard to choose between another night at the union or a fun evening in bed with a movie and a Dervish takeaway. However, when The Union welcomed Kissy Sell Out last night, he provided a much-appreciated injection of energy to any students weary after their first nights back in the “Bubble”.

Perhaps best known for his BBC 1 Radio programme “Kissy Klub” (2007-2012), I personally had never heard of Kissy Sell Out prior to his appearance on the Fresher’s week calendar. (Nor, it seems, had many in the Union last night.) I’ll admit that I was dubious after discovering that his top YouTube hit was a cacophonous Jack Beats remix and that his particular genre of music is widely described as ‘electro speed garage’.

Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised. The set began shortly after 12:30 as Venue 1 played host to undoubtedly one of the most contagiously energetic DJ sets we could have hoped to witness. From the moment Kissy came on, the crowd was jumping, waving, and fist-pumping (let’s face it- how many ways can there be to dance to electro speed garage?)

Known for his daring and distinctive style of mixing electronic beats with classical music, Kissy also re-mixed well known tracks by Labyrinth, Jason Derulo, and others.

Although I found many of the tunes indistinguishable, what truly set Kissy apart was the enthusiasm and overpowering energy with which he performed. Charismatic and truly entertaining to watch, the DJ seemed at times to be more entertaining than the music itself. Enthusiastic and focused, his hands flicked quickly across the four pioneer decks that he chooses to use instead of a laptop until he achieved his desired sound, at which point he would step back triumphantly to encourage the audience with emphatic waves and fist pumps.

They were happy to oblige.

All images courtesy of Ben Goulter

When Kissy abruptly stopped the set at 10 Minutes to Two, the assembled crowd in Venue 1 demanded more.

Kissy Sell Out offered a brilliantly energetic performance, which he seemed to be enjoying as much as the crowd.  “He lived up to everything I expected” raved a long-time fan who was thrilled to learn of his appearance in St Andrews. “He was tremendously awesome”.

Unfortunately, the £8 admission fee proved to be too much of a deterrent to many and tickets to see Kissy Sell Out did not (ironically) sell out. This wasn’t the night of my life, but it is certainly one I’ll remember for a while.



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