The Saint at Freshers’ Week: Headphone Disco

Photo: Jessica Biggs

Photo: Jessica BiggsFife Council’s noise complaint unit staff have been stretched over the past few days. The first three nights of Freshers’ Week have been marked by a packed Venue 1 as shrieking students enjoy their arrival at University.

Industrial sound systems blare out the latest hits while irked locals lament the start of the academic year and the inevitable cacophony of new students.

However, just as hordes of disgruntled locals were about to file complaints, an eerie silence descended upon the Union.

Photo: Jessica BiggsVenue 1 played host to the Union’s first Headphone Disco and other than the gentle susurrus of giggly revellers and occasional whoop when a discernible song was played, Fifers slept soundly in their beds (for one night, at least).

With a variety of songs available, half the room found themselves dancing the Macarena while others jauntily sang along to Lady Gaga, blissfully unaware of those around them. At one stage, students coordinated a conga that wormed its way around the dance floor, all in silence of course.

First year, Ben, enjoying his first headphone disco, was perplexed by the whole evening. “It was hilarious when I took off the headphones and saw everyone dancing along without music. It looked like they were all having a fit”, he chuckled.

As the evening wound down and students slunk away, St Andrews residents slumbered on while the Fife Council complaint team twiddled their thumbs, put on the kettle and prepared themselves for the rest of Freshers’ Week which promises to see the noise return and with it, a deluge of complaints from irate locals. For one night only, however, silence was golden.

Photo: Jessica Biggs


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