Stirring the Pot


Standing in line for two hours, waiting for advising really makes me question where my 13 grand of tuition goes. Honours advising, for those yet to experience this privilege, consists of you going into a professor’s office and confirming your module choices for the year. There’s really no more to it. In theory, it should take about a minute per student. In reality, it averages out to about 10 minutes per student.

St Andrews has made what should be a non-issue into a dread for Honours students. As is often the way with Viewpoint articles, I will now dedicate my time and opinion to complaining. Through overhearing many angry conversations in the queue, I cannot pretend that all of these points are my own. Special thanks must go to the American guy in a blue jumper and a British girl with hipster glasses. You know who you are.

Their thoughts were as follows. This is a university, this is where people are actually paid to think intelligently. You would guess that if any group of people were capable of devising an efficient, rational system it would be those with PhDs. So why in god’s name did some cretin think it would be clever to have one doctor looking after hundreds of students? What a complete mismatch of competence-do you really need a doctorate to tick a box?

It is inane that one person is doing this task, when St Andrews has many capable individuals at their disposal. If the university can’t afford an online system, why not get the post grads to help the process? I ‘m not very good with maths, but I think that efficiency would increase if you had ten people helping to advise, rather than just one. Crazy f******** idea, right?

I’m pretty sure that a five year old could have devised a better plan than what I had to lay witness to as I stood hung over and tired. And on that point, who are these sick bastards who have schemed to start advising at 9am on Freshers week? You know we’re going to be hanging, so what gives? I imagine professors manically laughing and rubbing their hands together as they plan to torment us. Don’t worry, some of your lectures are torture enough. Thanks.

Moreover, I have heard stories of individuals who were unable to wait for two hours because they surpringsly had things to do with their life. I saw a girl burst into tears because she had to chose between missing her doctor’s appointment or continuing to stay in the line for another hour. I hope you can live with yourselves, IR department. You made a girl cry. Those are mental wounds that will not heal.

My point in complaining is not to hurt any feelings. It’s to make this university better, and frankly what hundreds of tuition paying students witnessed last week was nothing short of stunning ineptitude. For what is supposed to be the crown jewel of this university, the IR department should know they shoud and can do better.


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