5% increase in RUK students

Freshers' spirit: RUK students still smiling despite fees of £36,000
Freshers’ spirit: RUK students still smiling despite fees of £36,000

The Universities and Colleges Admission Services (UCAS) has revealed that there has been a notable rise in the number of English and Welsh students accepted to study at Scottish universities this academic year, despite fee rises which sparked nationwide protests last year.

A spokesman for the University told The Saint that there was a 5% increase in the number of students from the rest of the UK (RUK) who were accepted to study at the University of St Andrews.

When asked why the University had seen such an increase, he said: “I am reluctant to speculate, but despite recessionary pressures felt everywhere, I think there is evidence of an enduring belief in UK society in the life-long value of a university education, and that high academic quality in education is valued more than ever.”

Before the publication of the figures, it was feared that the annual £9,000 fees that students must now pay in Scottish universities, including St Andrews, would deter students from applying.

Many complained that the four year course system made Scottish universities unaffordable and the most expensive in the United Kingdom, with universities from other UK regions only having three year courses and therefore being more affordable.

Nonetheless, UCAS reported an impressive 26% rise in the number of English students who have been accepted to Scottish universities this academic year.

The number of English students who were accepted has risen from 3,197 students to 4,039 this autumn. Welsh students who were accepted to study in Scotland only increased slightly from 86 to 109. Bucking the trend were Northern Irish students who applied to Scottish universities, with the number of students dwindling by 19.1%.


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