University of St Andrews shop re-opens


Following several weeks of refurbishment, the University of St Andrews Shop, based on Market Street, re-opened on Monday 2nd April. The university shop will now be a visible presence in the town centre, and one of its main ambitions is to be a welcoming point for University visitors. Additionally, the shop will provide increased revenue for the University, allowing for increased investment in teaching and research.

The shop’s opening coincides with the University’s 600th year anniversary celebrations, and plans include this momentous occasion being reflected in the products sold over the following months. However, the shop will continue to be a prominent Market Street presence for years to come post-anniversary, and aspires to be the University of St Andrews’ main reception point in the future.

Niall Scott, the Director of Corporate Communications, said of the re-launch, “It was a soft launch and we won’t start to look at sales or patterns of sales for some time yet. We plan a formal launch and opening for the shop later in the Summer.” This formal summer launch usefully overlaps with the Olympic torch visit to St Andrews, on June 13th, and should prove a very profitable period for the shop.

When asked about how the shop’s profits will be spent, Scott replied: “Any profits go back to the University for investment in front line teaching and research. Profit however was not the motivating factor in establishing the shop. We have been conscious for some time that although the University is such a large part of life in St Andrews, there is no obvious front-door or welcoming point. The shop will address that need in part, and its location in one of the prime and most visible town centre areas, will provide a focal point for visitors.”

The University has a long-term lease on the property, and aims to maintain the shop’s presence in the town’s centre for years to come.


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