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This issue- smoky eyes

There are actually two main types of smoky eyes; the twenties version, which I often think looks more like a black eye, and the sultry glamour look that is incredibly versatile. I am going to show you how to do a smoky eye that you can begin experimenting with. The basic rules are go along, not up your eyelid and the darkest part must be around your eye.

1. Start with the base from last week and emphasise cheekbones – a rosy flush doesn’t say sex appeal! Apply either concealer or an eyelid primer – I use MAC Paintpot in Bare Study to create a shimmer that will hold the eyeshadow all night.

2. Determine where your eyelid creases by looking dead ahead in the mirror and lightly drawing with eyeliner or small flat brush with the colour eyeshadow you will use in the crease. I apply eyeshadow pencil first to draw in the shape but you can use eyeshadow on a small flat brush. Press in from the inner corner to the outer edge of your eye without going above the line of your crease – the idea of a sultry look is to blend along the eye, not up. Repeat for intensity and either hold tissue under your eye or just roll a cotton bud along to catch fall down.

3. Holding the end of your brush, gently circle just along the edge where shadow meets skin, not going over the eyelid or too far up for the smoky look; it takes patience, delicacy and practice.

4. Use eyeliner in the same colour or black below eye on the inner eye line and under the lashes before using your small brush to gently apply shadow on top. Lightly blend toward outer edge without going too low, making sure all round the eye is dark. Keep lips nude and add heaps of mascara!

Model: Emilie Thorn


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