Keep on Running


With the sun rising and the weather getting warmer, runners have no excuse to stay indoors anymore. Here are my tips to get you started this Spring:

Get good shoes- These are essential. Don’t use old ones or shoes that are not meant for running; they will only hurt your feet, which I learned the hard way. If you need new running shoes, you can check out Intersport in town or buy some online.

Layers- I strongly recommend wearing a sweatshirt, because it can get pretty cold at this time of year.

Listen up- The next step is to fill your iPod with motivational running music, anything from classical music to The Strokes. Pick something with a beat that will keep you motivated.

Learn to love it- You may think that starting to run requires a lot of self control. I have, however, come to realise that once you start exercising twice or three times a week, from then on your body will want that exercise. If you don’t think you have the time for regular exercise, rethink how much time you spend on watching TV online or social networking. You can surely spare two to three hours of that every week.


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