It’s Rangers For Me?



So goes one of the older tunes sung by the Rangers support in the bygone days of yore. However, its sentiment is as the crux of what is without question the defining day in 140 years of glorious pageantry.

For at 17:00 today, the deadline for bids for Rangers Football Club will have passed and the club’s administrators, Duff and Phelps, will then begin the process which will hopefully land the club in a better state and out of its Whyte and Murray-inspired mire.

The big bid is Paul Murray’s “Blue Knights”, made up of several able-bodied Scottish businessmen, who ‘know the score’ when it comes to being involved in Rangers. These gentlemen do not plan to treat the club as a plaything however, with fan involvement and a share issue being key to their plans.

The success of the pledges and the Rangers Fighting Fund show that there is the willingness for the True Blues to invest, however, at £1000 a head starting price, many could find themselves priced out. At the moment, this is the preferred bid amongst the broad spread of fans; however, it is not one without its drawbacks.

The second, interesting and slightly strange bid is one being attributed to Brian Kennedy, of Weatherseal and Sale Sharks fame, who views himself as only getting involved to save a Scottish institution as a fall back to the Blue Knights.

Chivalrous of him as it is, a bit more passion is required for the job, along with business sense. Kennedy also has dubious ties to Sir David Murray, ones which have discouraged some supporters.

He has, if you believe some of the finer gossips who frequent the bars on the Paisley Road West, invited Graeme Souness to become involved in the club in some capacity, a move which has been championed for some time by many supporters. The finest midfielder Scotland ever produced showed in his previous involvement in Rangers that he knows what it means to ‘turn the big ship round’.

If he was in a role as Director of Football or merely as a figurehead, this would be a masterstroke for Rangers. Certain football clubs, their directors, the bureaucratic apparatus of Scottish football and the jokes that pertain to be ‘journalists’ would not find an easy bedfellow in Souness. Even if Kennedy does not end up owning the club, Souness should certainly be involved.

Other assorted bids, if you believe The Sun, who have been completely off the boil regarding the current stasis at Ibrox, include Singaporean, Middle Eastern and American investors. While the thought of a sugar daddy to plough money in to the club appeals to some, the club’s last ‘loadsa money’ phase ended in absolute disaster.

This is not your average decision in the life of a football club. In the history of Rangers there have been plenty comings and goings : Jim Baxter’s transfer and return, the demise of John Greig as manager, the arrival of Souness and the English players, Souness returning to Liverpool, the schizophrenic spell under Dick Advocaat and the return of Walter Smith.

All of these past events, along with the other seminal moments in the club’s history, with the exception of the Ibrox Disasters, pale into nothing when compared to what his going on today.

Right now, the light at the end of this very dark tunnel is coming into view, however, who knows what is on the other side. For the sake of Rangers, people who know the club, like the Blue Knights, have to take charge.

Despite what those who have the deep misfortune to have an East End of Glasgow postcode have been harping on about in their paranoid and obsessive fantasy land, Rangers will not die. Merely the future health of this patient will be destined by who takes charge of its destiny.

“If you’re no a Ranger then you’re no use to me” is the next line in ‘It’s Rangers For Me’. For the future to be Blue and White, Rangers need to get in tow with the Knights.


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