Canoe Club goes Green


In the last couple of weeks the University Canoe Club has planted 420 trees in an effort to offset their environmental impact.

The club has a large carbon footprint as a result of driving to rivers across Scotland and the UK, so wanted to do something to help mitigate this. Planting trees was a fun, exciting and beneficial way to do this.


The Canoe Club's green fingers; Photo: STAUCC


Some research showed it was possible to apply for free tree packs from The Woodland Trust as part of their Jubilee Woods Project. Cambo Estate provided the perfect place, a tired and sparse woodland area just outside of Kingsbarns with a public footpath running through it and used by upwards of 40,000 people a year.

The tree pack, which arrived in late January, contained a mixture of birch, ash, cherry, rowan, oak as well as a sapling taken from one of the royal estates! The club members then joined forces with students from Waid Academy for some tree planting lessons; the students had already been involved with clearing and renovating the area ready for the new trees.

The planting effort was also helped by pupils from Kingsbarns Primary School, who plan to use the area as an outdoor classroom. The children had an absolutely fabulous time, loved being outside, asked lots of questions about why the trees were being planted the trees and found a lot of worms!

The club members (plus some SVS volunteers) also had a fantastic afternoon planting session, in gorgeous sunshine and complete with cupcakes.

It has been a very enjoyable project and the club is proud of its new environmental credentials, and would like to extend thanks to Struan at Cambo Estate. I for one am really looking forward to coming back and seeing the cherry trees in blossom a few years down the line!




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