Women’s Hockey’s sunny day


The captains of St Andrews Women’s Hockey teams give us the low-down on their successful forays on 30 November

Aberdeen Women’s 2nds 0
St Andrews Women’s 2nds 1

Catriona Bennett

Having beaten Aberdeen 6 – 1 the last time the teams met, Saints were unsure how to go into this game. With a very mixed team and a few key players missing, the girls still played very well together.
The defence played brilliantly, clearing a lot of balls, with Katie McKay saving the team on multiple occasions. Although the score was very different to the last game, Saints were quite unlucky to not get a few more goals past the Aberdeen goalie, who played exceptionally well.
Saints’ goal came from a textbook short corner which Miranda Spencer slipped in the bottom left corner.
There were some very tense moments in the last few minutes, with Aberdeen getting a few chances on goal, yet the home side stayed strong and managed to win 1-0, an important victory in the 2nd XI’s season.

Heriot-Watt Women’s 2nds 0
St Andrews Women’s 3rds 4

Jo Scouler

The match against Heriot-Watt was a decent game, with Saints getting some good support despite it being an away fixture. The team’s fitness and standard of play has improved so much that the players found the match very enjoyable and could have even scored a few more goals.
As an aside, Gilly Croll was awarded ‘dick of the day’ for forgetting her shin pads and for making an absolutely shocking pass.

Stirling Women’s 3rds 3
St Andrews Women’s 4ths 5

Rachel Jones

This was definitely a game of two halves. The Saints had an excellent start, securing a goal from Alice Taylor in the first two minutes from a penalty corner.
But  after the second goal Saints got complacent and let Stirling into the game. Frustration led to panic and the team’s standard of hockey dropped. This left the score 3-3 at half time.
In the second half the Saints were like a entirely different team, with much more communication, fluid passing and composure on the ball. Emily Howat stepped up to play in goal and made some great clearances. The defence also sat deeper which allowed them to move the ball around the back better.
Maintaining this form for the rest of the game and with some excellent team work up front, Saints were rewarded with a finial winning score of 5-3.


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