Waterpolo: St Andrews 10 – 8 Edinburgh


In a nerve-racking away match against their challenging arch-rivals Edinburgh, the St Andrews Women’s water polo team came out on top with a 10-8 win in the beginning of October.

Having played them 2 years ago, in the women’s team’s first year competing in SUS, and losing consistently by about 20 goals per match, the team has come a long way, now fighting their rivals for 1st place in the league. Last year, after a close loss in the first semester, the St Andrews team beat Edinburgh in the Scottish Cup, ending their 10-year winning streak and taking the 1st place trophy. Since that match, the team had not come up against their rivals until this October, when they caused Edinburgh their first ever defeat in their home pool. Following a devastatingly close loss for the St Andrews men’s team, the atmosphere in the pool was excitingly tense, and the energy coming from both women’s teams and their fellow men’s supporters was powerful.

With a slow start, St Andrews was down by 4 goals in the second quarter (1-5) , and looked like their previous win was going to remain a one-time occurrence. However, with amazing spirit and passionate cheering from their spectators, the women pulled themselves together and began to take back the game. With some spectacular saves from the goalie, Tess Herzenberg, as well as some great goals from Kristine Cosgrove, Michelle Risinger, and Phoebe Champion, the team managed to pull back a tight score throughout the second half. Halfway through the fourth quarter the score was tied at 7-7; St Andrews pulled away with two goals, conceded one to Edinburgh, and then put away another one, to bring the score to 10-8.

With a close last few minutes, the St Andrews team defended extraordinarily well and kept Edinburgh from making a comeback until the whistles blew, ending the game and causing loud cheers from our men’s team. The St Andrews women’s team is now currently in the lead in the SUS league, but have many more matches to come (including a second with Edinburgh).

Keep your eyes and ears open for information on our next home game—we love our men’s team supporters but would be thrilled to have more people come along to watch and cheer us on! (Check out our website: http://waterpolo.saints-sport.com/)


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