University Chaplain retires after 18 year tenure


The Chaplain of the University of St Andrews, who was awarded the prestigious University Medal for exceptional and dedicated service to the University, has officially retired after 18 years in his post.

The Rev Dr Jamie Walker retires after almost two decades of service in which he was responsible for advancing cross cultural and interfaith communication within the student body.

During his tenure as Chaplain, Rev Walker was an integral part of the daily life of St Andrews’ faith communities, leading chapel services and preaching each week at St Salvator’s chapel. He officiated in over 500 marriage ceremonies during his 18 year tenure.

Rev Dr Walker was awarded the University Medal at a special Laureation address at Younger Hall this summer. University Vice Principal for Government and Planning, Professor Ronald Piper, said at the event: “In 1993, Jamie Walker was appointed university chaplain for the normal term, in those days, of five years.

“The fact that he is now due to retire from that post 18 years later gives an indication of the esteem with which he has been held and the reason that we are honouring him.”

Upon Rev Walker’s official retirement, University Proctor Lorna Milne said: “In his time at St Andrews, Jamie provided a listening ear and support for staff and students alike.

“In times of bereavement and sadness his support extended to colleagues, friends and family, near and far, not just in the immediate aftermath, but year after year,” Milne continued.

As Associate Director of Student Services, Rev Dr Walker worked alongside the Students Association and Athletic Union of the University to monitor and enhance student experience.

In 2005, Rev Dr Walker set up the ethical review committee to improve the ethics of research conducted in the various schools and faculties of the University.

Under his leadership, the University Teaching and Research Ethics Committee (UTREC) has raised awareness and established a high standard of ethical practice across the University.

Speaking after his official retirement presentation this week, Walker commented: “It has been a great pleasure being University Chaplain for eighteen years, and also Associate Director of Student Services.”

“I wish the University and its new Chaplain, Donald MacEwan, God-speed for the future.”


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