How to throw a garden party


The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the bees are humming, flowers are blooming, the trees have grown new leaves, summer is on its way.

These are the perfect conditions to have your first garden party of the season. Here are some hints on how to make your garden party an absolute success.

Obviously, it depends on the state of your garden. The past two winters have been very harsh to the plants, and also, it might have happened that things started growing in your garden without you having noticed it. So first step towards your garden party is: look what is growing in your garden!

It is always nice to give your party a theme. It doesn’t have to be fancy dress, but something like an Alice in Wonderland tea party might be lingering at the back of your mind. A jungle-themed party might be suitable, depending on the state of your garden. High Tea is also appropriate at this time of year, with neatly cut cucumber and fish paste sandwiches, scones with cream and jam and pots of tea. As it is quite nice outside in the mornings, why not take your breakfast table outside and grab a couple of friends to join you outside for a wonderful sunshine breakfast?

After deciding on your theme, it’s time to think about the preparation. How many people do you want to invite? This is key when hosting a garden party. Ultimately, you do not want a bunch of people squashed into your little garden patch, destroying the atmosphere by drowning the bird songs and bee hums. Secondly, bear in mind that you might require a Plan B, in case the weather decides to not play along with your plans. Also, maybe opt for a hand written invitation card as a little extra, instead of the usual Facebook invitation.

From now on, it is all up to your imagination. The classic garden party with chairs and tables outside might not be the most student friendly option. Some comfortable cushions and blankets might be of help to give people the opportunity to sit down and chill out. To enhance the atmosphere, why not invite a couple of people to bring their guitars for some acoustic entertainment?

When thinking about food and drinks, a fresh fruit salad would not go amiss. Home-made lemonade or freshly pressed orange juice are a must. Fruit cakes are especially delicious when made of seasonal fruit – the strawberry season has begun. Get some flowers for decoration. Even if your garden is a blooming wonderland, you may not want to rip out your flowering daffodils, roses or tulips for decoration only. Nevertheless, flower decoration should not be missed at a garden party. Why not be active and play a game of croquet on the lawn? When it starts to get dark, just light up the garden with some candles or lanterns.

Be creative and your garden party will be a success.


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