University launches internship scheme


On March 4th, the University announced the establishment of an Internship Scheme which is due to begin this summer.

The St Andrews Internship Scheme is designed to give students valuable work experience in a dynamic atmosphere, giving them innumerable skills for future employability prospects.

During the eight week long period a total of 18 interns will be placed across the University, in different departments ranging from Alumni Relations to International Admissions. One will even get the opportunity to work for the Principal. Each position will be unique in its characteristics.

Each intern will either be paid a stipend of £180 per week or have accommodation provided in one of the halls of residence at the University.

The Careers Centre, which is co-ordinating the Internship Scheme in association with the Students‘ Association, says that each intern, “will be given a real life project to carry out through which they will gain insight into the knowledge and skills needed to function successfully in that particular area of work.”

The Careers Centre hopes that the establishment of such intern positions will “ensure that the intern receives, and can communicate, valuable insights about the requirements of working within an organisation and can show evidence to future employers of their successful contribution to a particular project.”

Siena Parker, Director of Representation, is one of the key figures behind the push for the University to offer internships this summer, explaining that “early on we identified a broader national issue, which is that graduates are finding it increasingly difficult to get the best jobs without some form of work experience on their CV.”

She added, “Many of these internships are unpaid and based in London and this is creating a new level of discrimination against students who are unable to afford to work unpaid.”

“As a result, the Students’ Association and the Careers Centre successfully lobbied the University to provide these amazing internships, which will give students an amazing experience, at no financial loss.”

One student, Henry Chandler, applauds the University’s move towards the broader engagement of students. He says, “I think it’s a great idea. It is fantastic that the university is allowing students to engage in the process of running and maintaining St Andrews.”

Chandler added, “I think that each intern will gain valuable experience of what life will be like post-university, which is beneficial to the intern and to the university as a whole.”

Matthew Steele


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