Speakers gather in St Andrews for Economic Forum

The University is set to host the fourth annual St Andrews Economic Forum next month.

Between 15 and 17 April eleven speakers and over 150 students from St Andrews and various other universities around the UK will gather to discuss several key issues related to the overall theme of the event: ‘Emerging Markets – Can you hear the Beat of Our Global Economy?’

Speakers are from a diverse range of backgrounds, from a Canadian Senator to an environmental scientist, and they are grouped into three panels to address the topics surrounding the main theme.

The event will begin on the evening of Friday, 15 April with an opening ceremony and a wine reception, followed by a weekend of two hour panels in which speakers will have the chance to present their relevant research, join in on a structured debate about the subject, and answer questions from the audience.

Panel topics are to include ‘The Global Crisis Aftermath – Have Emerging Economies Proven their Superior Stability?’, ‘Socialist Structures – Outdated Relicts or Indicators of Sustainable Political Alternatives?’ and ‘The Emerging Energy Monster – Can We Rein in Our Hungry Nations?’

Duncan Davis, Director of Marketing and Communications for the event, said the team of organisers are all extremely excited for the Forum this year.

He added, “We hope to continue the SAEF legacy by promoting stimulating conversation about key issues in the world. We believe that this year’s topic is extremely relevant to everyone, and we hope to bridge the gap between emerging markets and UK university students through our speakers and the general interest of the guests. The goal is to foster intergenerational dialogue between current economic, political and business leaders and university students in a personal setting – we keep the size of the conference relatively small to encourage this interactive feel.”

Hannah Rowand

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