How to: avoid your relatives on Facebook


1) Don’t accept them as a friend in the first place. Accidently brush your finger over that ‘Ignore’ button and your problems are solved. Next time you see Aunty Barbara, avoid eye contact at all costs. If she mentions it, mutter something about how you never really go on Facebook anyway, as it’s a drain on your precious studying time.

2) If your relatives have taken offence to Step 1, be on standby with the ‘Delete’ button at all times. Failure to do so may result in awkward and embarrassing comments all over your profile. Once on Facebook, comments such as “Oooh, I saw a photo of that David boy you were talking about…he looks nice!!” are likely to have spread half way across everyone’s Newsfeed before you can say the words, “Muuuuum!”

3) If you’re one who likes to party, then deleting comments will simply not suffice. Get ready to detag those photos more rapidly than you’ve ever detagged before! Unless your relatives also enjoy a spot of casual beer pong or a cheeky trip to Empire at 2am, then they are unlikely to be impressed by those pictures of you lying in the middle of Market Street last Saturday night.

4) Younger siblings on Facebook can be just as irritating as the older ones. Cavorting round the house, announcing your newly updated relationship status is just one of the many dangerous things your meddling siblings can indulge in once they catch sight of your Facebook page. Beware!

5) While there may be some level of morbid fascination in browsing through those photos of your 12 year old cousin striking emo poses in her bedroom mirror – after 200 pictures, you’ll be begging her to stop. A quick click will hide those incessant updaters from your Newsfeed forever.

As told by Katrina Statham


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