Elections Special: Director of Representation


Sam Fowles

Sam Fowles has years of experience in representation, having lobbied MPs as part of the Feed-in- Tariffs scheme and acting as Convenor for the Forward Thinking public affairs conference movement.

His plan for change focuses on three broad issues: communication, opportunity and student experience. Fowles is committed to making himself accessible to students, proposing a weekly dinner at different Halls of Residence where people could raise issues.

He’d also like to improve the opportunities offered to students, arguing for more foreign exchange programs, internship modules for academic credit and vowing to fight the proposed HMO cap.

Fowles emphasises his enthusiasm for the position saying, “I honestly don’t think you’ll find someone as driven and passionate as I am.”

Holly West

For the past two years, Holly West has held the position of community relations officer, which involves representing student views to the town, working closely with people and being approachable, whilst at the same time being assertive – all skills she feels are transferable and appropriate for this position.

West outlines a desire to make improvements, from bringing back the short loan booking system in the library and making sure the money for the redevelopment of the library goes on books as well as refurbishments, to introducing a personal tutoring system so that each student has a strong point of contact with the University.

West also highlights a need for improvements in communication between union members and students so that students are informed of what is going on and can have more of an input. She adds, “with me, people will get someone who wants to listen.”


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