Ladies lacrosse destroy Glasgow in season opener



GLASGOW 1STS          0

By Hannah Martin

The Saints’ lacrosse team kicked off their season with a rather astounding 32-0 win over Glasgow 1sts. New coach Linda Hall made several alterations to the traditional starting line-up, putting players in positions that in some cases seemed very alien.  As the result suggests, the Saints rose to the challenge, and the tactical position alterations really paid off.

Stand out performances included Caroline Lubbock and Anna Zahedi, who managed to ensure that the Saints gained control of the ball after each draw, despite neither of them playing centre for the team previously.

Throughout the match, the Saints connected very well in the midfield, with exceptional transitions spearheaded by new goalkeeper, Caroline Shomber.

This season the team has also benefited from an influx of exceptionally talented freshers (and the occasional JSA), many of whom debuted during the Glasgow game.

Indeed the first goal of the season was scored by fresher, and player of the match, Victoria Gerberding. After Victoria’s goal the Saints were on a roll scoring 19 goals in the first half, then an additional 13 in the second half.

Five Saints players scored hat-tricks for the team (Victoria Gerberding, Cara Maitland, Hannah Martin, Georgia Wade, Anna Zahedi) and Georgia Wade had the high score of the game with a grand total of 9 goals. Other scorers for the team were Lara Barisrov, Sarah Hedden, Claudia Hindle, Caroline Lubbock, Anna Pobletts, and Emma Sutton.

After such a dominant performance, the team has high hopes for the year, and are particularly looking forward to seeing the team develop throughout the rest of the season.


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