Totally ‘mod’ shoes


Eleanor Newman takes a look at the accessories that made
the 60s.

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For most people the 60’s are all about the miracle that was the mini. Where would our legs be if not for that miraculous invention…but there is much more to the 60’s than that.

Growing up I loved dressing up, and my favourite things to wear were my mum’s shoes. The pointy 80’s heals, and
platforms of the 70’s, but my favourite were her amazing red ‘mini-mouse’ shoes from the 60’s. With the bright colours and chunky shapes who wouldn’t love them? They may not be as refined and elegant as the 80’s stiletto, I admit it, but they are a lot more fun!

And I’m clearly not the only one to notice it either. The lace up boots of Alexander McQueen are strangely reminiscing of the traditional GoGo boot, with the laces at the front; and the shoes of the new Prada Resort collection wouldn’t look out of place in a picture by David Bailey or Terence Donovan.

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For most people this might be enough to warrant going out and buying a pair of 60’s style shoes, but for me this simply isn’t in the spirit of the 60’s. That was a decade for the young, and for fun, and it is that spirit which will be seen in S/S 2011.

Colour is the real way that the 60’s can be seen this season.

Not only are the likes of Prada, Miu Miu and Alexander McQueen, telling
us that the platform, loafer and knee high boots are a must have (along with laces making a huge comeback over recent months). This year they are also saying colour people, colour!

The catwalks of S/S 2011 were covered with brightly coloured chunky
heals, and this is set to be a key trend for next year. So be brave, embrace
the summer of love and invest in some patent teal heals or some startling
lace up boots, and channel Twiggy with pride!

Or, if you’re like me, just take some of your mum’s…


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