Don’t mess with this blonde!


By Sophia Latorre-Zengierski

Photo Supplied

I must admit that when my friend first mentioned ‘Legally Blonde: the musical’ I was sceptical. As much as I loved the film, like almost every other girl I knew, I was worried that it wouldn’t translate well on the stage, especially with over-the-top singing and dancing involved. I didn’t want it to be a joke.
And it wasn’t. This was a show that takes you completely by surprise with its resilience, joyfulness, and vibrant power. While the Broadway version may not have lasted that long, and the show begins to take the stage in the West End, I caught up with the Tour version of show across the US.

While the tour cast is often not up to par with the original; this cast, led by Becky Gulvig, did a stellar job, making sure that the show still shines.
There is a distinctive wit that comes through the lyrics, and sheer charm and energy that comes from the gripping dances, creative sets and fabulous costumes.

While the majority of the audience were women, many of whom wore pink ensembles, this is not a chick show; it’s a family show, a friendly show that can  remarkably cross both the age gap and the gender gap. There truly is something for everyone, not to mention a whole lot of fun.


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