A fresh perspective on the Freshers’ Film


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By Mariko Primarolo and Elyssa Winn

Mariko: Awww, I really want to do the Freshers’ Film now.

Elyssa: Yeah, I know, it’s great that this year anyone can submit an idea, no matter what it is. I’m thinking of something along the lines of: “St Andrews’ resident rabbit decides to enrol on a Theology course and meets an evil anorexic squirrel who…”

Mariko: Yeah, yeah, ok. Isn’t it cool though that everyone’s now a member of Rogue? For the first time we don’t have to pay for membership. All we have to do to get involved is contact Rogue by October 15th with a concept in less than 100 words. And even though it’s called the Freshers’ Film anyone can take part, not just Freshers. I think I have some ideas I would want to submit but I’m worried I’ll be a bit too busy with studies to commit to being a writer or director.

Elyssa: But you don’t need to take charge of everything. Remember Kat was saying that one time she just took on a cameo as a corpse. Even though she had meat thrown on her and had to endure the horrible St Andrews weather, she still said it was great to be a part of something like that. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see yourself on the big screen? Well maybe not as a dead person but…

Mariko: Yeah man! I helped with the set design for the Freshers’ Film last year. Totally saw my post-it note on screen – BEST FEELING EVER!

Elyssa: You were in the Freshers’ Film last year?

Mariko: Yup, just to start me off. I just came in and was like ‘”I don’t know how to make a film… but I want to take part.”

Elyssa: Yeah I saw the film. It actually looked quite professional. They obviously knew how to use a camera; the quality of some of the shots was really impressive.

Mariko: The effects were really wicked weren’t they? A simple technique, getting things to fade off shot, but it worked well in the film.

Elyssa: Didn’t they say it was based on a dream their roommate had?

Mariko: I think so. Turned out to be like a calm apocalypse, where things slowly disappear. Like the end of the world but without the screaming. I really liked that idea. Quite indie…

Elyssa: Totally. The concept is quite spaced out and ambitious but they really pulled it off. It just goes to show it doesn’t matter how far-fetched your concept might be, just write it down and send it off. Maybe my rabbit idea is worth a shot?


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